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CLASS 210-R PRESSURE TRANSMITTERS Differential pressure transmitter, Configurable range from -100 / +100 Pa up to -2000 / 2000 mBar,

Elma Instruments
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Kimo CP211-HO. 0. ± 100Pa. 2 x 0 / 4-20mA or 2 x 0-5 / 10V. (Alternatively, CP211 can be supplied with 2 relay outputs, instead of analog outputs). The Kimo CP211-HO is a differential pressure transmitter. The transmitter can, by acquisition of a calculation function (SQR3), as well as by measuring with a pitotube or debit plate measure the dynamic pressure and convert it to an air velocity or flow. Transmitters have dual line display with trend indicator. Additionally, either manual or automatic reset of the measuring cell is available for increased accuracy in fbm. measurement. Setup of alarm points can be done directly using the keys on the front of the transmitter or with PC software (accessory). Additionally, mention can be made of useful features; density class IP65, 2 pcs. 0 / 4-20mA or 0-5 / 10Volt outputs (alternatively 2x relay output), device selection and option for speed and flow calculation functions. The transmitter is delivered incl. adjusting certificate.