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Coast flashlight PX26 265 lumens - in blister pack

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The COX PX26 is a delicious, compact and robust lamp with 265 lumens and a running time of 2 hours! It is robustly built, shock-resistant and has a lightweight body that resists rust and impact and is also water-resistant. The lamp is tested and standardized according to ANSI / FL1 standards. The PX26 also has a break-proof LED, as well as a rubber O-ring, which ensures that the lamp is water resistant and extremely durable. The Bulls-Eye Spot light gives you a powerful focused light beam, with a maximum light distance of up to 121 meters, as well as an outer ring of a more diffuse light, which at the same time illuminates a larger area to the sides. The lamp weighs only 119g. including the 3 pieces. AAA batteries included. features - 265 lumens / Light distance of 121m / Light time of 2 hours. - Water repellent - Lightweight cabinet - Weight: 119g (including batteries) - incl. fabric case for when not using the headlamp. - Tested and rated according to ANSI / FL1 standards. - Lifetime guarantee With COAST's own commitment to the highest standards of quality, the PX26 is a fall hand LED that is protected against falls, is wind and weather resistant and its LED is virtually impossible to destroy. The lamp is tested and standardized according to ANSI / FL1 standards.