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Coast Hand Light TX10 80lumens

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COAST TX10 hand light with white, red, blue and green light - in blister packThe TX10 flashlight from COAST has four colored LEDs so you can switch between white, red, green and blue lights.Each color is controlled by a separate switch so you can easily switch between them.White light is ideal for all common lighting purposes where you need to be able to clearly distinguish between colors.When using the white light, the flashlight has a range of up to 33 meters.Red light is best when you only need a small amount of light and thus help maintain night vision.Green light also preserves the night vision, but with the ability to still distinguish the colors from one another.It allows for e.g. hunters to move through the forest at night, or read cards without scaring the animals away.Blue light also preserves the night vision and has the added benefit of being able to shine through the fog.The TX10 is very sturdy, shock-resistant and has a lightweight aluminum housing that makes the light resistant to rust and impact.The TX10 also has a break-proof LED, as well as a rubber O-ring, which ensures that the lamp is water resistant and extremely durable.In addition, the TX10 is IPX4 approved, which allows it to withstand any use in rainy weather and is referred to as waterproof.Features- 4 LEDs: White, red, green and blue- 1 on / off switch for each color- Lightweight aluminum enclosure - incl. 3 x AAA alkaline batteries- IPX4 approved- The lamp has been tested and standardized to ANSI / FL1 standards.-Lifetime Guarantee With COAST's own commitment to the highest standard of quality, the TX10 is a hand light LED that is protected against fall, is wind and weather resistant and its LED is virtually impossible to destroy. The lamp has been tested and rated according to ANSI / FL1 standards.