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DEBIMO BLADES To be installed on site in air movement conditions, the DEBIMO blades can measure air velocity and airflow, Maximum working temperature 210°C, Supplied with 2m of clear tube and 2 JTC junctions

Elma Instruments
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With debimobiles, air velocities and / or airflow in ventilation ducts can be determined with high precision, either in conjunction with a pressure transmitter (stationary) or alternatively with a handheld differential pressure anemometer (transportable). Ventilation systems can be the clean energy systems unless they are maintained and properly regulated to deliver the required volumes of air, neither more nor less. Thumb rule: Decreases flow by 20%, resulting in an energy saving of approx. 50%. Of course, in order to properly regulate an installation, it requires first and foremost a true measurement of the current flow. Since the flow in the ventilation ducts is laminar and thus varies depending on where the duct is measured (across the diameter), debimaps are the most accurate equipment that can be offered in connection with velocity and flow measurements in ventilation ducts. The more debimeblades are embedded at each measurement point, the more accurate the measurement becomes. Normally, only two debimoblades are recommended at each measurement point for satisfactory accuracy under normal conditions. Debim bubbles are available in lengths between 100 and 3000 mm. In leaps that follow the usual channel dimensions, they can also be ordered on special targets and / or with anodic oxidation for harsh environments. For requests on debimoblade in lengths greater than 160 mm, on special dimensions, or surface treated. Installation Advice: To achieve as high accuracy as possible, it is important that the air is not disturbed before it meets the debit leaflets of eg. 90 ° bends, filters, etc. Circular channels: Before: min. distance 5 x pipe diameters. After min. distance 3 x pipe diameters. Rektangulærekanaler: Before: min. 5x√ ((4xHxB) /π) After min. 3x√ ((4xHxB) /π)