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Elma 1352C Sound level datalogger

Elma Instruments
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Elma 1352C is a sound and noise instrument with build-in datalogger. It has memory for up to 32.000 measuremnets. The instrumentet er build to comply with IEC 61672-1 class 2 for sound level meters. The instrumentet has many features like: backlighted display with analog bargraph, min/maxhold, automatical/manuel range selection, analog AC/DC output, calibration control, C-A filter, watch, fast/slow measurement, and possibility in external voltage supply. Elma 1352C can easily be programmed through a PC, and therefore will it not be dependend on a PC in the feild. When the measurements are finished the instrument is connected to a PC, and with the softwaren is it possible to show measured/collected values on the PC display, as a digital display, analog instrument, XY-graph or a list showing the time. IT is also possible to store the results in a file for further analyzing. Elma 1352C can also be used for collecting sound and noice while connected to a PC. This function makes it able to record 99.999 measurements. IF the sound level meter is used together with a PC, it can be remoted through the software, and it will also be possible to show soundlevel curves with a resolution in 1/4 sekunder. Elma 1352C has a build-in manual data logger with room for 99 measurements, which can be read directly on the instrument. If you use the analog output, you can use it togethjer with eg. a printer or a frequency analyzer. Elma 1352C has a lot of features and is delivered in a bag incl. windscreen, batteries, software, USB-cable and manual. Technical data: Measuring ranges: 30 - 130 dB A/C Resolution: 0,1 dB Dynamical range: 100dB Frequency range: 20Hz…8k Hz Frequency weighting: A or C Time sample: 125ms fast / 1s slow Microfone: 1/2 Digital output: RS 232 Analog output: AC: 1V FS, impedance 100 ohm, DC: 10mV per. dB, impedance 1k ohm Memory: 32000 measurements Display: 4 digits Bargraph: 50 segments Battery: 4x1,5V LR06 (incl.) Size: 272x83x42 mm Weight: 280 g