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Elma DT-125 Moisture Meter

Elma Instruments
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Elma DT-125 is a new smart instrument for moisture measurement in building materials such as wood, stone, concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum etc. In accordance to the task, it’s possible to acquire different probes, both for destructive test with holes in the material and non-destructive surface measurement. The instrument is indispensable for the builder, moisture technician, engineer and others who work with renovation and water damage control. Elma DT-125 also measures the air humidity and temperature, and is provided with a large illuminated combi display. You can set wet / dry limit, material selection, automatic calibration, min / max and auto power off function. Instrument comes with built-in needle electrodes incl. batteries and instruction manual. Available as accessory is complete suitcase, incl. extra long needle probes, hammer electrode, depth probe, surface probe and handle extensions.
HxBxD (mm)140x47x25
Range-40…70 °C
Vægt (gram)100
Batteri3 x 3V CR2032 (inkl.)