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Eurolyzer STx, O2, CO

Elma Instruments
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SYSTRONIK EUROLYZER STx is a newly developed flue gas analyzer that can be used for service and regeneration of boiler plants where the fuel is made up of gas, oil or wood pellets. EUROLYZER STx comes as standard with 2 measuring cells (O2, CO) and can also be supplied with a third measuring cell for measuring NO. The instrument uses the already known ECO O2 measuring cell from the big brother MULTILYZER STe, which is particularly resistant to biogenic fuels. The ECO cell is also lead-free and thus actively contributes to the protection of the environment. The CO measuring cell is H2-compensated, which ensures precise CO measurements, regardless of the system's state of inactivity. The CO measuring cell can also measure concentrations up to 9999 ppm. (nominal 5000 ppm). Ideal for measurement on pellet-fired plants. In addition, EUROLYZER STx can measure chimney stress, and alternatively differential pressure, and temperature of the flue gas and ambient atmospheric air, respectively. Based on the measured values, values ​​for CO2, efficiency (?), Air surplus coefficient (Lambda), flue gas loss (QA), dew point (Tdew) and NOx (with NO cell only) are calculated. The instrument can also be used as a 2-channel differential thermometer, using Type-K temperature sensors. All measurements made with EUROLYZER STx can be stored in SYSTRONIK's smart database memory, which is standard in EUROLYZER STx, which seats up to 1000 customers (10,000 total measurements). When purchasing applications (App's), the instrument can be retrofit with data logger and pitot function. The latter makes it possible to measure air velocities and / or flow while using pitot tubes (see "Accessories" further down the page). When the talk falls on documentation, EUROLYZER STx is standard with infrared output for wireless printing of the measurement report, via Europrinter (accessory). The instrument is also equipped with SD cards, which measurements can of course also be saved, and the SD card can subsequently be transferred to PC via the supplied card reader. In addition, EUROLYZER STx can generate QR codes, which can then be scanned with a camera from a smartphone or tablet, for example, and the measurement report can subsequently be sent to stakeholders. SYSTRONIK also offers the free App, EuroSoft Mobile, for both Androide and iOS, which allows EUROLYZER STx to be read from your Smartphone via the latest Bluetooth technology, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), or even operated from tablet or PC, the latter only via the optional BT dongle (see "Accessories" further down the page). Especially applicable to larger boiler plants, where the measuring point and burner space are not in close proximity. As a whole, SYSTRONIK now offers CAPBs, which are a range of wireless measuring probes that can be read directly from the instrument or from your smartphone via Bluetooth (BLE), by downloading the App free 'and EuroSoft Live. EUROLYZER STx is equipped with a delicious 3.5 "" TFT color display, with a resolution of 240x320 pixels, which is also Danish-language. The newly developed Li-Ion battery also supports the instrument for up to 11 hours of continuous measurement, with "Normal mode" display control and up to 14 hours in "ECO mode". EUROLYZER STx comes complete and ready for use incl. SYSTRONIK's Modular Probe System, consisting of a 2.4m tube set with condensate separator and particle filter, Røggassonde Ø8x300mm with built-in temperature sensor, Konus, 5 additional condensation filters and 10 additional particulate filters, Ambient air temperature sensor, Magnetic protection cover, USB and 230V charger, 4GB SD card and USB card reader, TÜV calibration certificate and operating instructions, all delivered in a hot aluminum case. Cell Warranty: O2: 60 month. CO: 15 month. NO: 12 month