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HT PQA820 energy analyzer

Elma Instruments
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HT PQA 820 gives brand new possibilities in monitoring voltage and make professional energy analyze. As something new the analyzer can be programmed and read through Wi-Fi on a tablet or smartphone. HT PQA 820 is a voltage quality analysazer used for tasks concerning the laws, for general logging purpose of the power – and troubleshooting associated with motores and others. This model makes it possible to log 383 parameters at the same time, for a very long time. The logging intervals can be set from one second up to one time every hour. The instrument is able to measure and store TRMS values for both AC/DC voltage and current, kW, kVAr, kVA, Power factor – and is also measuring with 4 cuurent clamps, so that you are able to see zero currents. HT PQA 820 can be set up like you want to measure on different systems. Besides TRMS values, the instrument is also able to log on voltage quality parameters, as harmonics up to the 49. harmonics, unbalance, voltage changes, dips etc. The analyzer is able to test all voltage quality parameters, which can be analyzed and complied with applicable EN standard 50160. This standard dictates how good the voltage quality MUST be, no mather where you measure the voltage. The analyzer is measuring crest factor for indication of harmonics, cosφ, power factor and kWh. All data is stored in the internal memory and can be transferred to a PC using the including USB interface into a software. It is also possible to communicate wireless with Android or iOS unit where you can see all the data, it is furthermore possible with the mult imeter function to see live data, when data lgging at the same time. HT PQA 820 can have power directly from the measuring point and has a build-in Li-ION battery. Complies with IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 300V and is delivered in a hard case with rechargeable batteries, pouch, 4 pc. cuurent clamps 1-100-1000A AC, cables, magnets and crocodile clips for voltage measurement, software, USB cable, calibration certificate and manual. Technical data: Voltage: 10 - 460V AC/DC Current: 1-100-1000A Power: 0,0-9,999M W/VAR/VA/Wh/VARh Memory: 8Mbyte. Size/weight: 245x210x110 mm /1500 g IP classification: IP65 Power supply: Rechargeable Li-ION (including)
Effekt (W)0,0-9,999M W/VAR/VA/Wh/VARh
Spænding AC/DC10 - 460V
IP klasseIP65
Dimension (mm)245x210x110
ForsyningGenopladeligt Li-ION (medfølger)