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IOT antenna using Sigfox - data as service

Schneider Electric
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IOT antenna that uses Sigfox network. This antenna uses data that is bought from Schneider through web service. Read more on https://godigital.schneider-electric.com/smp/home/home.page . Sigfox has coverage in all of Denmark. By buying this antenna, you have free access to Telemecanique webinterface and mobile applications, where data and antenna(s) can be managed. You can also integrate the data into a SCADA system. The antenna enables surveillance of dry contacts, (on/off on sensors, push buttons, etc.), where no power or internet is available, as the antenna uses an internal battery to communicate. The antenna has 2 inputs/4 wires, that can be used to connect 2 individual sensors/contacts to the antenna. 2 meter cables. Max 6 frames per hour or 50 per day. Expected battery lifetime: up to 10 years at 1-2 frames per day at 20 degrees. IP66. Temperature limits: -25 .. 70 degrees celsius. Find datasheet, 3D drawings, etc. on www.tesensors.com