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Kimo HQ210 P air quality instrument

Elma Instruments
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KIMO HQ210P is a new air quality instrument, suitable for among others measuring CO and CO2 concentrations in the ambient air. The instrument is used to document if there in class rooms, meating rooms or other rooms, is made the necesary ventilation, to keep the CO2 level on a appropriate low level. The instrument is also suitable for evaluation of working conditions on places, where there can occur CO2 leakages, it can be in restaurants, food industry and other industry. KIMO HQ210P gives the possibility to measure and log the relative air humidity and the concentration of CO2. The build-in data logger has room for 1000 data sets, each with 20.000 points, which afterwoods can be transferred to PC through USB.(Software has to be ordered separately). The instrument is equipped with a big graphical backlighted display, with displaying of more then one parameter at the same time. For the instrument you can connect a lot of different Smart-Probes (has to be ordered separately), as a probe for determination of the CO level, or a probe for measuring the draft(V˂5m/s) and wireless PT100 temperature probes for accurate temperature measurement. You can also plug-in Smart-Modules with e.g. 4 type-K temperature inputs or manometer for measuring of absolute pressure/atmospheric pressure. Kimo HQ210P is delivered "ready for use" in a transport case, incl. combined probe for measuring of relative air mumidity and temperature, 2 universal probe cables, battery, charger for both 230V and USB, data transfer cable, carry strap, calibreration certificate and manual.
Hukommelse8000 logninger
Vægt (kg)0,34
HxBxD (mm)162x81x58
Temperatur område (°C)20..80 °C
Luftfugtighed (%)5..95 %RH
Batteri4x1,5V LR06, inkl.