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MANOMETER P2650 +/- 5000 mBAR

Elma Instruments
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The SYSTRONIK S2600 series is made up of 4 differential pressure gauges, selected from the desired measuring range. The S2600 series is characterized by the simple operation and robust operation of the instruments, which makes the S2600 series a permanent follow-up for the service technician, year after year. All models are made in an ergonomically perfect design. The rubber caps that the instruments come with are provided with magnets so they can easily be placed on all magnetic surfaces. Convenient and easy to use. The large 2-line LCD-display, on the SYSTRONIK S2600 series, makes the display of the devices easy to read, even remotely. SYSTRONIK S2650 can measure differential pressure in the range -1 to 5bar (vakum besides 50 mbar is measured on + the stud). In the area of ​​0. . ± 1 bar with a solution of only 0.1 mbar and in the range 1-5 bar with a resolution of 1 mbar. The S2600 series has a wide range of features such as: Hold, Min / Max display and selection of printing unit (bar, mbar, hPa, kPa, mmHg, inHg and psi). The pressure gauge can be reset at any time even when measuring differential pressure, which is a great and time-saving advantage in particular long-term measurements. The S2600 Series has, as the top line of SYSTRONIK (S46xxST), automatic temperature compensation to ensure accurate measurement each time. All SYSTRONIK S2600 Series instruments come with rubber caps with magnet, calibration certificate, batteries and Danish operating instructions.