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Multi-function portable instrument, Supplied SOLE, with 2 cables with Mini-Din connector

Elma Instruments
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KIMO AMI310 is the market's most versatile ventilation instrument. With the Kimo Smart Probes and Smart Modules, the instrument itself recognizes the inserted probe or module and configures it so that the instrument is ready for measurement. With AMI310, depending on the selected probe, you can measure: - Air quality for measuring CO and CO2. - Temperature, one to four channels, w / type K and Pt100 probes for increased accuracy. - Humidity - relative and absolute, dew point, dry / wet temperature, water content and enthalpy. - Pressure, differential ±, air velocity and flow / airflow w / pitotube, debimoblade, and k-factor pressure boxes. - Air velocity and amount with impeller, heating wire, also with funnel (flow). - Tachometer, for measuring revolutions / speed, both mechanically and optically. - Comfort probe for determining indoor climate comfort for measuring tract genes and rel. humidity. - U-value (heat transmission) of various materials used in the building industry. The KIMO AMI310 can measure up to 6 parameters simultaneously, of which 4 can be displayed at the same time in the easy-to-read color display. The order in which these parameters are displayed can also be easily configured so that the most important parameters, for example, appear at the top of the display, and irrelevant parameters, for example, are not displayed at all, to avoid error readings. The display can be set, with some pressures, so that the measured values ​​are displayed as a graph (one parameter at a time), giving a good overview of development. Particularly in the case of adjustments, this can lead to a certain amount of time savings. The delicious layout of the navigation keypad with function keys makes the instrument easy and intuitive to operate. The instrument is also Danish-language. With AMI310, there are several options for taking reliable measurements through either point / point average, auto and manual average (traverse). There is the possibility of measuring with K2 factor, as well as selection channel dimensions. The instrument has data slots, as well as the display of min / max and average. The Kimo AMI310 has 2 inputs for Type-K, 2 inputs for Smart Probes and one input for Smart Modules on the back of the instrument. The instrument automatically detects the probes and activates the relevant functions, and displays serial numbers as well as the calibration time of the probe. The instrument can also be delivered with a range of wireless probes. Among the units of measurement, depending on the probe, you can choose between: Pa, daPa, mmH2O, mmHg, mbar / hPa, m / s, fpm, km / t, mph, m3 / h, l / s, cfm, m3 / s,% rH , g / kg, g / m3, KJ / Kg ° C, ° F, rpm, m / min, ppm,% LEL,% vol, lx, klx, fc, etc. The built-in data logger has memory for 1000 data sets, each with 20 .000 points that can subsequently be printed or transferred to PC for further processing (software ordered separately, see "Accessories" further down the page). In addition to the internal memory, the AMI310 comes with a 4GB SD card for additional capacity. KIMO AMI310 comes with USB / 230V power supply incl. an additional rechargeable battery, 2 probe cables, 1 pc. 4GB SD card and one carrier and adjustment certificate. All in a convenient carrying case with more probes. CO: 15 month. NO: 12 month