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Multi-probe portable thermo-anemo-manometer, Supplied with pressure module (-10000 to 10000 Pa - 4 to 100 m/s)

Elma Instruments
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MP210 - A differential pressure gauge series from Kimo. The instrument, in new cool design, is primarily for determining air velocity / flow via differential pressure measurement, measured with pitot tubes or debit plates. However, the MP210 can also measure air velocity / flow with the impeller (Ø14 / 70 / 100mm) or heating wire. In addition, with MP210, it is possible to determine concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO) and combustible gases (hydrocarbons). Finally, the MP210 can be used to determine the speed of rotation (tachometer), as well as a wide range of temperature probes, including the kimos 4 channel temperature module. The Kimo MP210 is equipped with large graphically backlit multi-display with multiple parameters display at the same time. The instrument has many additional features, p. a. Auto zero point adjustment, K2 factor, data rate, min / max, average, point to point average and auto-average (traverse). The MP210 has built-in data logs with memory for 1000 data sets, each with 20,000 points. measurements that can subsequently be transferred to PC via USB - for further processing. (Software ordered separately). The KIMO MP210G comes complete in a practical suitcase incl. differential pressure module (0, ± 10, 000 Pa), 2x1m hose, probe probe, carrier, calibration certificate, manual, battery and 230V / USB charger.