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Swema-03 DIGITAL comfortprobe incl, 2m USB-kabel

Elma Instruments
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Swema 03-USB is a directional comfort probe for measuring drag / comfort, the probe can be connected directly to a PC via USB and does not require a measuring device to function. This also provides the ability to mount one or more probes in a tripod (accessory) for example to measure drag in ankle, knee and head height. The indoor climate has an impact on both buildings and people. A good indoor climate extends the life of buildings and gives people a good well-being and health. A good indoor climate is created with the right ventilation. The definition of the unit for drag, DR (draught rating) is calculated and described according to ISO 7730 based on the following parameters: 1. Air temperature. 2. Air medium speed. 3. Turbulence (standard deviation / average velocity x 100) DR = (34-t) (v-0.05) 0.62 (0.37 v Tu + 3.14) ISO 7730 describes that drag is undesired local cooling of the body , caused by air currents. The degree of traits can be expressed in "DraughtRating", where DR is the number of persons, expressed as a percentage, which is expected to find the trait annoying. This makes it easy to explain. For example, if DR is 15, 15 people out of 100 will find the indoor climate uncomfortable and perceive it as a move. Swema 03-USB comes with calibration certificate and 2 meter USB cable. The software " Swema Terminal 3 " to which one probe can be connected can be downloaded free of charge. . If multiple probe connections are required, use the software " Swema MultiPoint ".