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Swema 3000 with SWA31E m extension & suitcase

Elma Instruments
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Swema 3000 is a microprocessor-based heating wire instrument, primarily for use in the measurement of air velocity and flow of ventilation systems. Depending on probe selection, instruments can measure air velocity, flow, relative humidity also in ducts, differential pressure, temperature (surface, liquid, powder or intake, etc.), CO2, radiant heat and draft. The instrument is easy to operate and characterized by its high accuracy in measurements of air velocity and flow. Air flow measurement can be done by entering a custom channel dimension, or simply selecting a standard channel dimension. The measurements can be compensated with a K2 factor that is easily entered. Flow measurement with K1 factor is also possible, with the most commonly used factors. The Swema 3000 has built-in memory, data logger and a range of measurement programs with the ability to determine minimum, maximum and average values. Subsequently, data can be transferred to PC via the supplied USB cable. Swema 3000 - Basic edition with large easily readable backlit display. Swema 3000 can be used with Swema Twin, so that a single person can adjust a ventilation system according to the proportional method. The calibration data for the probes is stored in the probe itself, which means that only the single probe is sent for calibration. The instrument comes complete incl. telescopic heater probe with 60cm extension (SWA-31E), batteries, operating manual, USB / mini USB cable, software and calibration certificate (0.1-10m / s).