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Swema multipoint software

Elma Instruments
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SwemaMultipoint PC software is designed for laboratory and indoor use for logging of measurement data from different locations. SwemaMultipoint has three separate windows: one for setup and storage of data in files, one for presentation of data in online graphs and an ISO 7730 window. Instrumentation. The PC program collects and stores data from up to six Swema gauges and two HygroClip2. Swema instruments can be any combination of Swema 03 03 +, 05 and 3000 with any feel. The program presents data in live graphs. Each feel measurement is stored in a single file that can be opened in Excel. The connection is with USB cables. A special version of the program can be provided for use of RS485 cables for Swema 03, 03 + and 05. ISO 7730 measurements For ISO 7730 setup The SwemaMultipoint PC program collects data from the three sensors: Swema 03 - air velocity and temperature. Swema 05 - Black globe temperature. HC2- S - humidity and temperature In ISO 7730 Windows SwemaMultipoint program, online presentation of PMV and PPD graphs is displayed. By entering activity level and clothing insulation level, PMV and PPD are calculated. Parameters calculated in SwemaMultipoint: PMV-PPD-Draught-Mixing Ratio- Dew Point- Wet Bulb- Wet Bulb Globe Temperature- Operating Temperature