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CSR policy

Lemvigh-Müller wishes to be instrumental in treating our employees and our environment in the most socially responsible way.

Therefore, Lemvigh Müller has chosen to use recognized framworks and methods in its CSR work, including:

  • UN Global Compact's (UNGC) 10 Principles of Responsible Business
  • UN Guideing Principles (UNGP) for Human Rights
  • OECD guidelines for multinational companies

Lemvigh-Müller has chosen to prioritize our CSR work within three main areas that are of the greatest importance and can contribute to the positive development of our own business and our environment.


Lemvigh-Müller considers our employees to be the driving force for our business to function optimally in daily life, and it is a natural part of our core values to highly value our employees and fellow human beings.

Therefore, Lemvigh-Müller works to:

  • train our employees to motivate and perform their work in a social, safe and responsible manner, as well as develop their personal skills. All education and development will be done, taking into account, both the employee and the company's needs.
  • integrate employees in the company regardless of gender, race, skin color, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, social origin, ethnic origin, age or disability. Lemvigh-Müller does not accept discrimination of any kind.
  • ensure that employees are treated consciously in connection with organizational changes
  • ensure the employees' ability to work, via targeted efforts to ensure a good working environment
  • respect human rights as defined in UNGP
  • address corruption and bribery as defined in accordance with UNGC



As part of our efforts to take the utmost care of the external and internal environment, Lemvigh-Müller works to:

  • reduce environmental impacts due to our actions by minimizing all forms of emissions, noise and energy consumption



Lemvigh-Müller will work to:

  • ensure the social responsibility of our suppliers by getting trade contracts with relevant suppliers where requirements and expectations are specified - including the requirements of the LM Code of Conduct
  • evaluate key suppliers to ensure that requirements and expectations are met