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COAST rechargeable head torch HP7R 300LUMENS

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COAST HP7R rechargeable handlight (300 lumens) - in gift box The HP7R from COAST is in a class of its own when you look at what you get for the money. The HP7R is up to 300 lumens, with Long Range Focus Optic, and comes in a lightweight aluminum frame and weighs only 240 g. Li-ion / Alkaline The HP7R is equipped with FLEX CHARGE DUAL POWER - in other words, it comes with two rechargeable Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries. in the lamp or outside the lamp, with the supplied USB cable. It can also run on standard alkaline AAA batteries. Includes 4 pcs. Duracell AAA alkaline batteries in the box. It allows you to use the light even though you should run out of rechargeable batteries. Li-ion - High 300 / Low 30 - High 352m / Low 111m - High 7t / Low 33t Alkaline - High 265 / Low 30 - High 326m / Low 111m - High 1h 45min / Low 12h The play time is up to 7 hours at the highest setting, and up to 33 hours at the lowest setting. Along with the HP7R you also get chargers for respectively. 230V, 12V via USB, as well as wall brackets, belt clip and a quality case. features - Long Range Focus Optic - Flex Charge Dual Power - 3 light settings: High, Strobe and Low - Can use respectively. rechargeable Li-ion and ordinary Alkaline batteries. - The lamp is tested and rated according to the ANSI FL1 standard. - Lifetime guarantee The package contains - 240V charger for USB - 12V car charger for USB - USB to mini USB cable - Wall bracket - Belt clip - Case - 2 x lithium-ion rechargeable batteries - 4 x Alkaline AAA battery With COAST's own commitment to the highest standards of quality, the HP7R is a fall-proof LED light that is wind and weather resistant and its LED is virtually impossible to destroy. The lamp is tested and rated according to the ANSI FL1 standard.
LumenLi-Ion batteri: High 300 / Low 30
Batteri levetidLi-Ion batteri: High 7t / Low 33t
RækkeviddeLi-Ion batteri: High 352m / Low 111m