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Sustainability Policy

At Lemvigh-Müller, we equate sustainability with responsibility for both people and the environment.
Our approach to sustainability is largely driven by our customers’ demands and needs in this area.
The LM 4.0 Strategy is meant to ensure that Lemvigh-Müller remains the preferred business partner for our suppliers and customers in the industrial, construction and installation business and that we are characterised as a responsible, competent and customer-driven company.

A decisive factor why we are the preferred business partner for our suppliers and customers is that we focus on offering solutions that contribute to the green transition of our customers’ businesses.

We are aware that we need to work with sustainability internally at Lemvigh-Müller by focusing on maintaining “our own house in order” at the same time as we contribute to the sustainability work of our clients.

Through our sustainability work, we commit ourselves to , among other things:

  • Abide by the applicable acts and other binding commitments in the area
  • Train and motivate our employees to help reduce the environmental impact of our company and our customers
  • Reduce environmental impact in connection with the production, use and disposal of products as well as processes internally at Lemvigh-Müller
  • Use the data we collect for systematic and continual improvements in the area of sustainability and in our management system
  • Contribute with knowledge to promoting sustainable development in the industrial, construction and installation business as well as finding sustainable solutions in collaboration with both customers and suppliers as well as other interested parties
  • Communicate openly about our sustainability work
  • Take social responsibility and work actively with this area. This includes, among other things, entering into training agreements for students, cooperation with job centres as well as working with diversity in a wide sense.