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Whistleblower Instruction

This guide helps you assess whether an incident is of a serious or sensitive nature, as well as which reporting channel is the most appropriate to use. The guide is not exhaustive of what can be reported via the whistleblower portal but provides an overview of the different types of incident reports for all stakeholders. You should always follow your personal judgment or feeling before reporting an incident via the whistleblower portal.


All communication via the whistleblower portal is anonymous unless you give direct information of the opposite. We encourage you to identify yourself as it facilitates the investigation of the case; Follow-up questions and investigations may not be possible if you make an anonymous report.

To help the Lemvigh-Müller Group handle and investigate your complaint, please elaborate on your suspicion and provide as much information as possible when reporting an incident.

The Lemvigh-Müller Group treats all reports via the whistleblower portal confidentially, except to the extent that it makes it impossible to conduct a full and fair investigation.

Your identity will be kept secret even if you identify yourself when reporting an incident via the whistleblower portal.

Types of events

Reporting of incidents at the place of work

  • The Lemvigh-Müller Group operates on several locations. If you experience errors or behavior by employees, which does not comply with the Group's values and code of conduct, it must be informed to the appropriate Lemvigh-Müller manager or department.
  • Conditions that can result in serious injury or death, as well as violent or discriminatory behavior, including sexual harassment at work, are considered serious or sensitive incidents. These events can be reported via the whistleblower portal, if it is not possible to address the matter to the relevant Lemvigh-Müller department.

Reporting of theft and misuse of the assets of the company or its partners

  • In cases where you cannot solve a suspicion of theft or misappropriation of assets with the management of Lemvigh-Müller, you may consider reporting the incident through our whistleblower portal.

Reporting fraud
  • The Lemvigh-Müller Group has a zero tolerance policy against employees and / or business partners who commit fraud. Fraud is a deliberate misrepresentation to secure an unfair or unlawful gain, and it can take many forms and take place at all levels of an organisation. The following example of fraud is by no means exhaustive of possible cases of fraud.
  • For example, fraud may occur if suppliers or subcontractors in cooperation with Lemvigh-Müller executives over-invoice Lemvigh-Müller for the goods or services they provide. If you become aware of any irregularities in connection with our cooperation with suppliers or subcontractors, please contact the Lemvigh-Müller CFO
  • In cases where you cannot report fraud to the management of Lemvigh-Müller, you may consider reporting the incident through our whistleblower portal.

Reporting offenses
  • The Lemvigh-Müller Group strives to conduct business in accordance with international and local laws and regulations across all the countries in which we are present. Among other things. the Lemvigh-Müller Group has adopted internal policies to ensure compliance with anti-corruption and competition laws.
  • Violations of anti-corruption and competition laws are considered serious and sensitive incidents, and they can be reported through our whistleblower portal.

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