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Board of directors 
Christian Lemvigh-Müller (Chairman) 
Allan Lindhard Jørgensen  
Bente Rørbæk Christensen 
Per H. Jensen
Leendert Johannes Thobiasen Hage Employee-selected
Erik Grambow Employee-selected
Henrik Christensen Employee-selected alternate
Arne Koch Nielsen
Employee-selected alternate
Management team
Christian Søgaard-Christensen
Annette Schmidt
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Peter Faaborg-Andersen
CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)

Functional management:

Daniel Lintoiu Director of Marketing, Communication & eCommerce
Purchasing / Market
Per Aasberg Senior Director Market & Procurement, Technique
Vakant Senior Director Market & Procurement, Steel
Pernille Wichmann Senior Sales Director, Industry 
Mikkel Lohmann Davidsen Senior Sales Director, Installation
Anders Voldsgaard Clausen
Senior Sales Director, Steel Industry
Maria Steen Nørgaard
Director of Sales, Steel, Building & Construction

People & Culture

Mads Hay Pedersen Director of People & Culture

Logistics, distribution and production

Michael Crone Logistics and production director


Frederik Aakerlund
IT Director