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Terms of sale and delivery

Warehouse sale
Applies to all products sold through Lemvigh-Müller except for ‘Direct sales’ (indirect sales) 
General terms of sale and delivery >> 
Die deutsche Version finden Sie hier >> 

‘Direct sales’ (indirect sales)
Applies to all products sold through Lemvigh-Müller.
The conditions will always form part of the agreement

Return product conditions
Common return product conditions for all Lemvigh-Müller’s divisions.
Click to view the return product conditions >> (DK) 

Warranty period 
Click to view the warranty period >>

Price list for various charges
Common list of fees/charges etc.
Click to view the price list >>

Interest rate for late payment
At 1 September 2009, our interest rate was changed to 2%
In case of late payment of invoice under the agreed terms of sale and delivery, penalty interest of 2% per month will be charged (applicable from 1 September 2009)