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Working environment policy

Lemvigh-Müller emphasizes that all employees leave the company as healthy as they arrived, both after each day and when they leave us after their employment has ended. This is done by:

  • Creating a safe and healthy working environment that is consistent with relevant legislation at all times, as well as the technical and social development of society
  • Ensure that the working conditions are safe with a full focus on:
  • Performing the work
  • Design of the workplace
  • Technical aids, etc.
  • Substances and materials
  • Solve safety and health issues independently, or in collaboration with the labor organizations and the “Arbejdstilsynet”.


The company's work on health and safety is organized in working environment groups and working environment committees. The working environment committees must plan, guide, advise and orientate as well as supervise the health and safety work in the company.

As part of our efforts to take the utmost care of the working environment in all circumstances, we shall:

  • By the means of targeted work environment efforts ensure that the number of occupational accidents is minimized as much as possible
  • As far as possible to remove jobs that cause unnecessary attrition of the employee
  • Train and motivate our employees to comply with this policy
  • Communicate openly - both externally and internally - about our view of the working environment
  • Penalize violations of both the Working Environment Act and its own provisions

Our working environment policy has been established through a number of sub-policies, which together with our work environment organization and continuous improvements in occupational health and safety work, ensure that the company continuously works to get a working environment that is among the best in the industry.