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Health and Safety Policy

It is of great importance to us at Lemvigh-Müller that our employees are as fit and healthy when they leave the company as they were, when they arrived- at the end of each workday as well as when they leave us at the end of their employment. We want to use this Health and Safety Policy as the basis to develop and maintain a good physical and mental working environment.


The overall objectives are:

  • To make sure that all employees can do their work in a sound way in terms of safety and health
  • To prevent the working environment from causing wearing-down, occupational accidents and absenteeism
  • To ensure healthy and attractive jobs with focus on developing skills and well-being
  • To ensure that the company’s working environment initiatives go beyond the stipulations of legislation and that they are continuously improved


The objectives are, for instance, obtained by the following:

  • We do focused and visible work for the working environment via local workplace environment committees which exclusively focus on the working environment
  • The committees are to plan, manage, advise and inform about as well as supervise work within health and safety at the company
  • We involve the working environment organisation in case of new construction and renovations as well as in case of changes in the organisation of work
  • We train and motivate the company's employees to comply with this Policy
  • We communicate openly about our work and results within the working environment with our customers, the authorities and in CSR reports


Activities and guidelines:

  • There is an ongoing dialogue between the employees and management about the working environment and relevant improvements
  • We arrange an annual working environment discussion
  • Members of the working environment organisation are trained and upskilled
  • We sanction offences against the rules of the Danish Working Environment Act (arbejdsmiljøloven) as well as violations against our own regulations
  • We review and revise the Health and Safety Policy at the annual principal working environment committee meeting


Lemvigh-Müller’s working environment values

  • We are all responsible for a good working environment
  • We incorporate working environment into all levels, in decisions as well as in planning
  • We believe that prevention is better than cure