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Social responsibility - CSR

We wish to contribute to our employees and surroundings being treated properly

Our general CSR priorities centre on three main areas with great impact on our own company as well as our surroundings: people, environment and suppliers.


At Lemvigh‐Müller, we consider our employees to be the driving force when it comes to making the company operate optimally on a daily basis. Therefore, we aim to:
  • train our employees so that they are motivated and able to perform their work socially, safely and responsibly and develop their personal skills. All training and development will take place in consideration of the needs of the employee and the company
  • ensure the working capacity of our employees through focused ensuring of a good work environment
  • integrate employees in the company without distinction as to sex, race, colour, religion, political belief, sexual orientation, social origin, ethnic origin, age or disability. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination
  • ensure that the employees are treated responsibly in connection with organisational changes.


As a part of our efforts to consider the external as well as the internal environment to the widest possible extent, we aim to:
  • reduce any damage to the environment due to our business activities by minimising all forms of emissions and energy consumption by using environmentally conscious suppliers
  • ensure that our employees are familiar with and observe the legislation and regulations for the area 
  • train and motivate our employees to comply with this policy 
  • communicate openly about our environmental responsibility.

We consider national legislation and international conventions to be the minimum standard.


Lemvigh‐Müller is a wholesaler and we therefore depend on good and mutual relations to our suppliers. We therefore aim to:
  • develop cooperation between Lemvigh‐Müller and our suppliers to the benefit of both parties 
  • establish trading agreements with relevant suppliers where requirements and expectations are specified, including a clarification of the requirements in our Code of Conduct
  • evaluate the most important suppliers in order to ensure that requirements and expectations in the CSR area are observed.

Actions and results 
Read more about strategies, actions and results in the statutory statement of social responsibility pursuant to section 99a of the Danish Financial Statements Act.

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