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Quality policy

The quality policy is based on our business strategy, LM 4.0, and the three strategic focus areas: To be the best business partner, To be a digital frontrunner, To take advantage of economies of scale.

LM 4.0 will ensure that Lemvigh-Müller is the preferred business partner of our suppliers as well as customers in the industry, the construction and installation sector, and that we are seen as a responsible, competent and customer-driven company.

A crucial factor in us being the preferred business partner of our suppliers and customers is that we bring quality to the products, deliveries and services we offer, as well as all the underlying processes and points of contact in the day-to-day collaboration.

Our quality work therefore focuses on ensuring that:

  • Quality awareness is an integral part of the employees’ focus
  • Suppliers are chosen in accordance with our own quality requirements
  • Sustainability is visible and concrete when the customer chooses products and services
  • The data we collect is used for systematic improvements
  • The quality system is designed to ensure that we naturally comply with current legislation
  • Our quality work is given presence through visible and IT-supported processes and procedures
  • We are aware that our quality policy is only a possibility by having competent employees.