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Elma Laser R100 detector for line laser with pulse function

Elma Instruments
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Increase line laser range beyond visuel range. Detector for line lasers with pulse function e.g. Elma x360. Also compatible with other lasers with 10kHz standard pulse function. Using a line laser outdoor will typically make the line visually invisible within a short distance. With Elma R100 detector, the range is increased to as long as 50 meters, typically 20-40 meters in daylight. Please note that direct sun will significantly reduce detection range. Elma R100 is perfect for measuring and markup beyond visibel range. Usefull for direct marking on e.g. wall, but also on a stake for terrain leveling. Visual and acoustic indication when laser line is within the 21mm detection area, with up/down indication for fast leveling. Auto power off after about 8 minutes extends battery life. Compatible with both green and red laser with pulse function. Elma R100 is ready to use including battery and manual.