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Sealing End Cover NBR-70 42 x 7

Carsten Holm
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Sealing End Cover also known as Blind Cover, Cover Seal or Sealing Cap. The Sealing End Cover is used to close bores or to replace bearing seals. The Sealing End Cover – NBEC NBR-70 (black) is a standard End Cover Seal that consists of a rubber-coated metal part. The Sealing End Cover is designed to seal against grease, oils and water in rotary applications. A standard Sealing End Cover is designed to run at a maximum pressure of 0.5 bar. APPLICATION: Used in almost every industry as a good reliable sealing in rotating machines, shafts, axles, power tools and gearboxes. End Covers are used to secure sealing in openings for shafts or axles and to plug seal service bores. INSTALLATION: Installation according to DIN 3760. It is very important that the assembly tools must be of soft material and have no sharp edges. For installation use a hydraulic or mechanical pressure device to press the sealing end cap into the housing bore hole or gently use a rubber hammer to carefully hit the sealing end cap into place. It is important to distribute the pressure or hammer strikes evenly over the whole surface of the end cap. NOTES: For special applications that require high temperatures or pressure, other materials and models can be used. Please see our other end covers in FKM. For higher pressure use a circlip to secure the end cover seal.
Højde (mm)7
Udvendig mål42
Max. arbejdstryk (bar)0,5
Min. temperatur (°C)-20
Max. temperatur (°C)120